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Embassy Interview Preperation

In addition to IELTS preparation, MIEL also prepare prospective candidates for embassy interviews for different countries.

The most important elements for embassy interview are:

Confidence Building:

Since confidence is the key to success for any eventuality, it plays a key role for embassy interviews. MIEL has a knack of building plentiful of confidence in embassy interviewees. This trait is inculcated in candidates by a series of exercises involving verbal and non-verbal tasks. Capability and confidence is infused in candidates by simulated embassy interviews.

Incorporating Listening Skills:

Candidates of Indian origin are not familiar with the foreign accents of English language. MIEL gives an enormous training in familiarizing candidates with British and American accents. Candidates are also exposed to prevalent slangs of particular countries.

Right Delivery (correct pronunciation):

MIEL gives a systematic training in delivering correct pronunciation of English language by indirectly teaching the elements of phonetics and structure of words. Stress is also given on the importance of ‘Pauses’ and ‘breaks’ in a speech. Both, female and male voices are introduced to get familiar with.

Controlling Tone:

Since the tone is an integral part of a spoken language, MIEL gives practical lessons on how to control the tone for an effective delivery of voice.

CV Preparation:

A CV of any candidate is a mirror of the personality of its holder, MIEL teaches how to make your CV more effective.